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Crumbs of Wisdom

It's National Cookie Day. Instead of worrying (that's so 2020) about what these caloric confections mean for your bottom, let's instead consider what they can teach you about your bottom line.

Chocolate Chip

While common, this classic doesn't have to be commonplace. Crunchy, chewy, molten, oatmeal, walnuts, salted - the varieties are endless.

Lesson: Differentiation isn't as hard as you think.

Our favorite? Culture Espresso

Double Chocolate

This daring delectable says "You want it? You got it. Oh, you want even more? Ok."

Lesson: Moderation isn't the key to everything. If there's something you or your company are really good at, double down on that.

Our favorite? Milk Bar


Does anyone really like how these things taste? Nope. Does it matter? Nope.

Lesson: User experience above all else.

Our favorite? DIY


A sugar cookie with cinnamon. Not nearly as exotic as the name might suggest.

Lesson: Never under estimate the power of your brand.

Our favorite? Milk Jar Cookies

Peanut Butter

Unlike the predecessor, no flashy identity needed. The peanut butter cookie boldly stands by its chief operating ingredient. That said, the classic version sports fun & equally functional fork hash marks.

Lesson: Keep it simple and don't forget the hashtag.


Increasingly popular, these cookies result from a well-executed vision. No oven, no nonsense.

Lesson "CMO Edition": You have no idea how many batches are botched nor recipes half-baked before they make it to you. Lean in early & often. Less churn begins with you.

Black & White

Seinfeld's pastry pedagogy says it all.

Lesson: If a cookie can deliver on a DE&I strategy, so can your organization. Get to work!

Our favorite? Russ & Daughters


If you didn't realize this was a thing, you likely haven't encountered the Breastapo or the Lactivists - yet. Talk about breast practices, these biscuits boost production of the highest calling.

Lesson: Supply chain matters.

Our favorite? Milky Mama

Kitchen Sink

These "everything but" sweets convert random into fandom.

Lesson: Work with what you have, just differently. You may be surprised how well it turns out.

Our favorite? Martha-to-the-Stewart


Not for man, but for mantle. Perfectly palatable. Eternally irresistible. The sacrifice is real.

Lesson: Believe.

Our favorite? Maman

So these are our crumbs of cookie wisdom. Now go grab yourself a glass of milk - and grab 2021 by the dough balls while you're at it.


Strat House is an experience company. We specialize in strategy, design and content, delivering b2b results that change, engage and enrage (when necessary).

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