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The Froth Factor

You can elevate your coffee and your organization with one simple principle: froth.

As I was hashtag-surfing through keto-friendly recipes (a favorite after hours past time), I rabbit holed on Bulletproof coffee. Yes, I know. It’s been around so long it’s practically passé at this point, but having birthed, and subsequently started raising, three humans during the last 5 years, my coffee routine (read dependency) was not something I was previously willing to experiment with.

With my kids now mostly sleeping through the night, I could now take a calculated caffeine risk for the sake of trying something new… there I scrolled: the Bulletproof benefits, the fanatics, I was drinking up the hype. Then the recipes… so many recipes. Most featured more or less the same ingredients, brew processes etc. – yet one called for using a handheld milk frother. Interesting. And at only $14 and able to be at my doorstep tomorrow, I was sold.

How’d it go? The Bulletproof, the grass-fed butter, the MCT oil? Results were, for me, unremarkable – though that first gulp will be forever memorable. BUT the standout discovery was this handheld slice of heaven. This simple machine, this tiny contraption… this FROTHER from another mother. Where had you been all my life?

This no-brainer Amazonian investment instantly transformed my ordinary, k-cupped morning to room service at a five star hotel. Talk about rags to ritual. This upgrade was here to stay.

It’s possible you don’t understand the “a ha” moment here. Allow me to spell it out for you.... I put this little device into my coffee for ten seconds… TEN SECONDS that would have otherwise been spent worrying about the day ahead and how I could possibly get everything on my to-do list done, and my coffee went from adequate to effing amazing. I repeat, ten seconds. I repeat, effing amazing.

So naturally I pondered... if you can transform your coffee in ten seconds, then what’s your professional froth factor? Where can you easily drive impact? What minimal changes can you make at your organization that deliver exponentially on your effort?

Now more than ever, your clients, colleagues and employees need you to be thinking in terms of this equation.

At this point, EVERYONE is drained amid all that 2020 has had to “offer.” All creativity, exploited. Critical thinking, maxed. Survival instincts? Enacted far beyond what we ever thought plausible. Q4 needs frothing. We all need frothing right now.

And to be clear, please don’t confuse froth with fluff. No one needs fluffing right now. Not even your pillows. And don’t go all Merriam Webster on me. I’m not talking about froth in the literal noun sense. Political froth? Nope, that’s not what I’m taking about, tho there’s plenty of that for the taking. I’m talking about froth in PRINCIPLE. Coffee principle.

Froth is additive. It’s delicate. It's nourishing. It's warm. It's comforting. It pampers you while also being completely practical (it simply improves something that is already really working out for you). And at 10 seconds to deliver, you break even before you take that 2nd sip…it’s seriously the best ROI.

Elevated results via minimal effort. It’s possible. You just have to be strategic about it.

May the froth be with you.


Authored by Strat House CEO, Erin Mills, House Call is a weekly dose of strategy, inspo & perspective for your professional life.

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