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House Call | Snow Day Edition

For our family, this snow day arrived just in time. Delivering frosty levity when it's needed most, as we grind out distance learning during these darkest, doldrums of winter (sun still setting at 5PM, say what?)

The notion of snow days right now has been hotly disputed by administrators, educators & parents nationwide – those who are anti believe that students have already been stripped of valuable educational time and that increasing their time away from learning will be further detrimental.

I disagree.

Snow days are everything that’s right with the world. They are a metaphor for how life should be… not always planned and a celebration of the little things, which are actually the big things – which is what snow days help to remind us. A snow day allows us to get out of our heads - and now more than ever, off of our screens and back into our hearts.

As is my tendency, I love a good life/business parallel. After all, the most effective marketing strategies connect personally – not professionally.

So here are my top five event & campaign tips – derived from the art of the snow day.

1. Simplicity

Snow is free, it's monochromatic, it's an organic outcome. It's pure & simple - and so too should be your campaigns.

2. Surprise & Delight

Do you recall that feeling of magic and wonder when you woke up to discover you don't have school? Cancel culture had a different meaning back then. Long before the days of social media, text messages & robocalls, we would listen to the radio in hopes that in between INXS & George Michael, our district would be declared. And more importantly, would it be a lame, 2-hour delay or would we receive the holy grail of grade school gravitas - the snow day? Business learning: just do it, and if you're going to do it, go all in. The world cannot tolerate another crappy "2-hour delay" campaign right now.

3. Your audience can turn on you. And quickly.

“This is so fun, wooooooooooo. Best day ever!!! Look at how beautiful it is! My mitten fell off, I have snow on my wrists. Frost bite is burning my skin. My pants are wet. The sled is too far away, can you pull it back? Making a snow man is hard. This is taking too loooooooooong." Remember, your audience is fickle, it's not their fault - they are children at heart.

4. But first, Me

Sometimes the best part of having plans, is cancelling them. Snow days remind us that we belong... to organizations, to schools, to activities, to friend circles. They also remind us that belonging to ourselves and our families matters more. So while your company or brand may be important to you, never lose sight of the individual and their need to connect at a personal level.

5. Cocoa, obviously

Snow days & hot chocolate go together like insurrectionists and poor fashion sense. You generally can't have one without the other. Never underestimate the power of partnership. The best & bravest brands out there understand the notion of "better together."


Authored by Strat House CEO, Erin Mills, House Call is a weekly dose of strategy, inspo & perspective for your professional life.

Strat House is an experience company. We specialize in strategy, design and content, delivering b2b results that change, engage and enrage (when necessary).

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